1946: The end of World War-II. And the Beginning of a New Era

A young and dynamic commerce graduate from H.L. Commerce of College, Ahmedabad Mr.D.B.Patel ventured into the woods of Assam with a dream in his eyes.


Wandering into the woods of Assam, and venturing into the lush green tea plantations, he tumbled upon an idea of setting up ‘Packing Wood’ industries to cater to the tea plantations. Thus, Himalayan Plywood industries Limited was born in 1951. That humble beginning went on catering to the tea industries for the next 15 years, without much variation, when ‘Commercial’ plywood started knocking the doors of industries. More and more stringent regulations against cutting of trees made it necessary to look beyond wood. Gradually, commercial plywood was replacing the age-old wood.


In the year 1980, the Government of Gujarat started thinking in newer directions to rapidly industrialize the state. And, thus was born ‘Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) and invited industrialists to set up their industries in the state. The government attracted private entrepreneurs with infrastructure and incentives. It worked wonders. GIDC offered opportunities for Mr. D.B.Patel to set up some business in the backyard of his native village, only 40 kms from Ahmedabad. Soon Decent Laminates Pvt Ltd. was established. It ventured into commercial plywood in the year 1985. The year also saw Mr. Patel’s eldest son Mr. Prakash Patel taking over the mantle of the industry. In come other sons Mr. Mukund Patel and Mr. Navneet Patel to lend their support in marketing and other administrative skills. With time, a major expansion saw the industry producing various kinds of laminate sheets. A variety of Laminates ranging from 0.5mm to 40.00mm thickness with size of 2440 mm x 1220mm (8ft x 4ft) and attractive designs in Glossy, Matt, Suede finish; and services domestic, office establishments, industrial needs and so on.


The factory of Decent Laminates is spread over 7 acres making it convenient for execution of large-volume, manifold-quality products with strict quality control measures. With state-of-the-art equipment and machinery and a team of qualified technical staff of 150, the factory is fully equipped to cater to any toll demands from clients.


Located at Nandasan Village, the centre of Mehsana District, the factory is directly connected with Mumbai and Delhi through Express Highways. Ahmedabad International Airport is just 40 km. from the factory. Situated on the main highway, the factory is easily accessible from either side and is 350 km. from Mundra Port (Gujarat) and 450 km. from Mumbai.


Today, Decent Laminates produces 1 million sheets annually and further expansion is on the cards. However, quality being our top priority, we would keep a strict vigil on its large range of products to ensure optimum satisfaction to its customers.


How Decent is distinct from others

The Company has a wide range of designs in glossy, matt, suede (wood touch ) and chiffon finishes with thickness ranging from 0.5 mm to 10.mm in sheets of size 2440 X 1220 mm( 8′ X 4′) in Decorative Laminated Sheets. The Decorative Laminate Sheets are very attractive and durable which can be used for domestic, office and commercial use.


Designed, formulated and prepared to meet specific industrial applications, Decent Industrial Laminates are of high quality standard. These technical laminates undergo scientific manufacturing process, strict quality control and are tailored to meet specific requirement of specific industrial applications.


Decent Industrial Laminates are prepared by pressing the multiple layers of resin impregnated filler materials in hydraulic presses under high temperature and high pressure. The filler may be a web of Kraft –paper or cotton fabric while the resin is phenol plus formaldehyde resin.